Monday, March 5, 2012

when in rome...

hot damn. it's been a while..

life has been busy, ok?!

ok..  So... top 5 reason why i have not blogged since august.. GO!

5. I moved to a new apartment in Belltown and it's AWESOME! No, really. It's fantastic. I'd show you pictures but you'd be jealous and I don't want that to change anything between us. If you want to visit.. you always can. If you do, bring a bottle of Riesling. :D

4. I was in a OHMYGODSOAWESOME show called Bean: The Musical Fruit. I got to play a pea. My best friend was a celery. Not in the show.. I mean, yes in the show. Bah. Geoff played a celery! 

Aren't we adorable?!  ( if you want to purchase a copy of this show go to

3. Thanksgiving and Christmas got in the way. Those two are always "me me me" during the winter. And I gave in and enjoyed them. I know, how selfish of me.. but really.. I worked a lot. And enjoyed winter in Seattle.  Look.. do you think could ignore this ?

2. I've been seeing a lot of theatre. No, REALLY. I've been seeing A LOT of theatre.
 The Pajama Game, Saving Aimee, Repeat, Repeat, The Revengers Tragedy, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Little World, Cinderella (x2), Romeo and Juliet, The Callers,Web, Prairie Nocturne, Oklahoma (x2), Trojan Women, A chorus Line, Psycho Phone, Pygmalion

See I told you. Lots o Theatre!

1. I've been auditioning. AND being cast in shows. Yup.. more details about those to come.... I have to save something for another blog  post.    I'm also stage managing another show this summer.

And those are just the top 5. I haven't even mentioned the cool stuff  I'm doing with quiet .

so... you see I have been rather busy.  :)

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