Friday, October 5, 2012

Steel Her Heart

I've always been a friendly person.

When I walk down the street I look people in the eye and smile.

Doesn't everyone?

No. No they don't. More than once in the last couple of days, I've been told that I'm clearly not from Seattle. That people here aren't that friendly. Apparently, that makes me seem like an outsider. But, because I don't shy away from strangers, I have met some amazing people. I don't remember not being like this. In college my friend Sarah dubbed me: "Sandra the Social Butterfly". I love this about me.

That friendly demeanor however, also leads to gentlemen getting off of the bus and "walking you home", telling you that you are beautiful and that they couldn't let the opportunity to meet you pass them by. That in Europe when you see a beautiful woman you have to tell her. (Europe friends... yay? or Nay?)

(Now..... mom.. Don't worry. It wasn't a threatening situation, and I didn't enter my building while he was still around. I am being as safe as possible.)

I've gotten two types of responses from this tale.

1. "OHMYGODTHATISSOCREEPY!" "I hope you told him off, made a huge uproar and punched him in the face!"  "How SCARY!"  "WOW WHAT A WEIRDO!!"


2. "Wow, that's intense." "He totally was hot for you!" "Did you give him your number?" "Wouldn't that be an awesome story to tell your grand kids?"

My thoughts are somewhere in the middle. While I was flattered, the thought that this man was crazy and might strangle me did cross my mind.

So ladies and gents what have we learned.


I refuse to stop smiling while I walk down the street.  I choose to believe that people are mostly good and not out to harm me. I choose to be kind and will almost always help that lost tourist. It's what I would hope for, if I was lost. I will be careful when actually engaging in conversation with that stranger, but I will smile.

After all, sometimes, someone just needs a smile.

Monday, March 12, 2012

On the road again

Let's take a road trip.

Really. You and me. Let's rent a car and see what there is to see.

Maybe we'll see this...

And if you haven't grown tired with the Mexican sitting next you, well, we can stop and see this...

Or, you know, maybe we can talk about stuff. Like things you like. Things you don't like. Maybe we can talk about the things you believe, and why you believe them. I'm not saying we get all Good Will Hunting  and start crying and hugging... well maybe some hugging might not be bad.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that in this day and age of mass communication, we seem to be saying less and less to each other. Our "conversations" with people happen in 140 characters or less. We "like" the things we do on Facebook.

I can count on my hands, the number of people that I have meaningful conversations with. I'm not blaming you.

 No, it's not you, it's me.

Well... maybe it's a little bit you.

But, it's a little me too.

All I'm saying.. is, lets talk to each other. Without our cell phones in hand. Without the "uh huh's" as we text, and twitter and instagram.

Let's buy disposable cameras.  Let's save the fun on a damn kodak funsaver.

And hey..when we are done... maybe we'll have ended up here..

And we can sing a medley to each other from the top.

*for some more cool roadside attraction photo's, Check out abc news' site  it's where I got these.*

Monday, March 5, 2012

when in rome...

hot damn. it's been a while..

life has been busy, ok?!

ok..  So... top 5 reason why i have not blogged since august.. GO!

5. I moved to a new apartment in Belltown and it's AWESOME! No, really. It's fantastic. I'd show you pictures but you'd be jealous and I don't want that to change anything between us. If you want to visit.. you always can. If you do, bring a bottle of Riesling. :D

4. I was in a OHMYGODSOAWESOME show called Bean: The Musical Fruit. I got to play a pea. My best friend was a celery. Not in the show.. I mean, yes in the show. Bah. Geoff played a celery! 

Aren't we adorable?!  ( if you want to purchase a copy of this show go to

3. Thanksgiving and Christmas got in the way. Those two are always "me me me" during the winter. And I gave in and enjoyed them. I know, how selfish of me.. but really.. I worked a lot. And enjoyed winter in Seattle.  Look.. do you think could ignore this ?

2. I've been seeing a lot of theatre. No, REALLY. I've been seeing A LOT of theatre.
 The Pajama Game, Saving Aimee, Repeat, Repeat, The Revengers Tragedy, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Little World, Cinderella (x2), Romeo and Juliet, The Callers,Web, Prairie Nocturne, Oklahoma (x2), Trojan Women, A chorus Line, Psycho Phone, Pygmalion

See I told you. Lots o Theatre!

1. I've been auditioning. AND being cast in shows. Yup.. more details about those to come.... I have to save something for another blog  post.    I'm also stage managing another show this summer.

And those are just the top 5. I haven't even mentioned the cool stuff  I'm doing with quiet .

so... you see I have been rather busy.  :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fortune Favors the Brave I am..sitting on my deck...listening to the sounds of Seattle at midnight.

A couple of cars here and there, an airplane flying by.

Mostly it's calming silence.

I'm actually really proud of myself right now. I'm not freaking out. I'm not complaining about what didn't go exactly right tonight. Don't get me wrong, it was stressful, and not everything went according to plan...but it wasn't so bad.... Why am I trying not to freak out, you ask? Well... it's my first time doing this. Stage managing that is. I don't want to mess up and I'm mostly flying by the seat of my pants.... (with the exception of some well sought out advise by my wonderful friends Becca and Nico...cause they are two of the most amazing SM's I've ever known.) But, what I'm discovering is that...perhaps, I'm just naturally good at this. I've received several compliments about how smoothly these first two nights of tech have gone. And I think it's because I've come into tech with this scary idea that I heard somewhere...that it's going to be hell. But, hell by who's standards....? and so it got me thinking..and what I've decided is this...

...I acknowledge that not everything will go just as I planned...and that if I'm not comfortable with something I will re-do it...or have people re-run something...and hey that's o.k. I will let go of everything at the end of the night. I will move forward with positivity and I will not let my stress, stress anyone else out.

I've heard some truly horrible tech week story's. Heck, I've been part of some truly terrible tech weeks.

My ultimate goal, is to not have those this time.

After all, I'm working with some of the best actors ever. They are gracious and kind and really a great group to be around.  I hope to keep each of them in my circle for a very long time.  Our designers, and production team is really terrific. They are on top of everything, and always keep me in the loop. This really has been a collaborative piece of art.

The doubts and the fears are easing with each day. I know that the people on stage have my back, and I have theirs.

So, while I know that not everything will go according to this grand plan I have, I hope that I have the sense to appreciate what wonderful people I'm working with, and what a fabulous end result we will have. Because no matter what, that curtain will go up on Friday night.

And I will be ready.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

do you want lime with that?

I never thought I would say this.... but here it goes.

I, Sandra Ponce, being of semi-sound mind declare, that I think I may like coffee. 

I know. I know. You're thinking: "Ohh Sandra, you're silly". But, prior to my living in the PNW I did not like coffee. At. All.

Then I went at got a job at the buck and It's all going down hill. haha. Now, I'm not addicted and I generally stick with iced tea, but I've tried a few coffee items and hands down my pick is iced coffee with breve ( that's half and half to you non buck terminology savvy folks) and some sort of syrup. Toffee nut is nice, and so is hazelnut and coconut.

I can't believe that most of this blog has been dedicated to coffee. :-/

In other news, the first production meeting of BOWH went off without a hitch. I think that the group of designers will create an exceptional world for our actors to live in.  In the same vain I think that I will be able to do everything that's needed of me and ask for help when I need it. At least that's my goal for this show.

Woot. Go me!

The count down to quiet Speaks has officially begun. 17 days and counting. The cutting of the piece has begun and I'm excited to perform and get people thinking about gender and femininity and how we as women are sometimes our own worst enemies. I think that's the thing I love about quiet. That although, it's an arts community and does theatre, the main purpose is to get people thinking about the skewed way we see each other, why we judge, and how we each can make a difference. I've really never been more proud of the work that I'm going in the art/theatre community than since moving here and starting with quiet. It has become my family and I truly hope to be with them for a long long time to come.

and now for something completely different.

I think that I'm becoming  immune to the smell of pot. It's literally everywhere.

well I'm out. it's beer time with Geoff and Lissa.

oh yes. yes. it is.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

These are the days of our lives

... at least that's what they say.

This blogging thing isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. First of all... I forget that I have this thing. 2, Most of the important stuff... people already know. And, well, the not so important stuff doesn't seem important enough to blog about.

I wish that I had these wonderful epiphanies right before I sit to write...but I dont. Mostly, they come betwen the hours of midnight and 4 am, and at that hour I'm far to lazy to pull out my computer.


Let's see... It's been about a week and a half that I've been in the new apartment. It's rather nice, and have i mentioned that I have an awesome roommate? Well, I do.

The show opens tonight, the cast is soooo ready. And, I'm really proud of them. I wish we had a longer run, but, ce la vie. These three nights are going to be amazing. I couldnt be happier than to be working with quiet and the whole team. Up next is "Beating of a Warriors Heart"... which p.s. EXCELLENT story and characters. I'm excited to stage manage, mostly because I want to prove that I can do it... haha. That's the way it's always been though. Give me a challange and I'll prove that I can get through it... I  might be a little beat up in the process, but I'll give you 150% and you'll wonder how you ever did this witout me before...hahah

hmmm lets see. ...OHHHHHHH Valuable lesson kids : you know what happens when you assume? You make and ass out of you. Not of me.  No, no, this is isn't a personally learned lesson...just a reflective lesson... does that make sense.... :D  hahaha. I think this is why I dont assume. Although, it's oh so easy to do. Alright boys and girls; lesson # 2: Not everything has to be devulged on Facebook. Remember when 250 of your not so close friends and family weren't all up in your baby mamma drama?! Luckily...I try not to update facebook with all of my happinings and if your know what's going on in my life. If you dont and are curious just ask... There's nothing like a friendly phone call. Oh, yeah, have I mentioned I'm kinda over text messaging? No? Well, I kinda am. 

ALSO people need to learn to SILENCE their cell phones in the library. Your ring tone is not so awesome that EVERYONE needs to know that you are getting a call or text message. Get over yourself! Thanks for playing.

OOOOHHHHH probably the most exciting thing coming up is that I'm performing @ quiet speaks on June 25th. Yes, ladies and gents my performing hiatus is coming to a close. I'm putting together a piece about women and body image using parts of Eve Enslers "The Good Body". 

It's gonna be rad.

Why you ask?

Well, I'm fucking awesome at the whole acting thing. ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

and the beat goes on

well well well.. I'm currently sitting in the library (using the library computers because I left mine at home).
and what a sight to behold. The lady in front of me has her face about 3/4 of an inch from the screen her boobs and stomach are popping out of her the same time... and I'm sure she's missing teeth. But she's here.. Just like me. So I suppose in some odd, dark way we are connected today. lets give you a highlight of the awesome things happening in my life...

* went out with some of the cast last night and got drunk

*we are about 2 weeks from opening and closing the show.

*OHHH I have a job. hawking coffee to Seattle tourists

*I'm moving into an apartment on Sunday

*I got a Seattle Public Library card today.

*I'm about a month from stage managing a show for the first time. ever.

hmmm... I think that's about it. Lot's of things happening but everything seems to be falling into place.

I've been a worrier for the longest time. And if I have learned anything since moving here, it's that worrying is not going to get me anywhere. Things happen. And, sometimes they don't happen.

Oh. Apparently I have to learn to be selfish too.

That might have to wait though. I mean come  on ... you saw the list of all the things on my plate right now.

For now, I'm content.  I'm meeting wonderful new people. Some who remind me of people from back home and that makes me reminisce...but I know that those people back home, the ones that really matter wont go away.

p.s the lady opened her mouth... ladies and gents...I think I only saw 2 teeth.