Monday, April 11, 2011

My love affair with the Washington State Ferry.

   No, You didn't misread what I said. I have a love affair with the ferry. Hell, I want to live on the ferry. If I could, I would convince my roommate, Ryan, to figure out a way to make it happen. Some of my favorite moments of the day happen on the ferry. Watching little kids look out in awe as they are gliding across the water. Listening to older folks tell stories about how long they have been riding...even what it was like before the ferries became an integral part of life.
    I have to know the name of the ferry I ride. It's this weird obsession with knowing the time they leave and which one I will be riding. I know that of the ferry's I have ridden (there are two) the Tacoma is my favorite. Maybe it's the art that's on board...or the fact that I like the name Tacoma. Who knows. What I do know is that everyday that I ride it, I know I'm in for an adventure. Whether It's walking on the observation deck and seeing sail boats on a sunny day, or watching the seagulls around me. 

I can't wait to have people visit. So I can show them what a great experience it is. It's one that I hope I never tire of.


Perhaps I have far toooo much time on my hands.

Oh, yes this is a possibility I know. 

But I mean come on, just look at this view. Wouldn't you be excited too!?


  1. That's so awesome! I love the idea of taking a ferry, camera in hand, taking pictures of people on board, the happenings around me, and the city's horizon.

    It could just be the voyeuristic side of me talking though!

    Can't wait to visit (just gotta save the money, plan tickets are intense at the moment)!


  2. I can't wait! You'll love it! The views are amazing. I people watch all the time! haha It's one of my favorite parts of the trip :)