Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's grab a fun saver..and save the fun...

Ok. So, recently I've begun the search for the answer to the eternal question "Am I an artist?"

Who is "an artist". Is it just anyone who creates art?

And to that extent what are we considering art? ( I'll leave that question for another day)

I KNOW that I'm an Actor, director, and props designer. Why? Because I've done each of these for shows and they turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.  But "artist"? 

I've always been interested in Photography.

Does that make me a photographer? mmm....I'm still iffy....

I like that I am able to capture a specific moment in time, but also, the ability to use light and an object to create a mood, a voice, a feeling. I've always enjoyed taking pictures of  family and friends and of random things I see during my day. Does THAT then make me a photographer? I've only taken one class, so if you asked me questions about it, I would look at you like a deer in the headlights. Does my lack of knowledge then not make me a photographer. I suppose if everyone who takes pictures is considered a photographer...then why create a specialty for it? Is it one of those " you either got it, or you don't" type of things? You know what I mean. We've all done/said it before, they have "it". That special thing inside of a person that just allows them to grasp the concepts of a particular field.

Maybe I'm over thinking it.  

I asked "What makes someone a Photographer?", and the best answers I got were from two friends.

"If they take pictures for reasons other than memories", one said. The other said, "Anyone who takes pictures and calls them self a photographer is a photographer, but not necessarily a good one. Just like anyone can paint on a canvas and call them self an artist, they're an artist but not necessarily a good one."

The search still goes on. But...I can tell you, that I find myself liking the term photographer attached to my name.  I'll leave you with these.... I took them a few days ago....and I liked it them....

These are growing on a tree/bush in our front yard...and the flowers are beautiful. They are delicate and the color is perfect... I look at them everyday...

I had waffles the other day ....and the waffles were great...and I won't lie..every time I look at this photo..I want a waffle... I am budding photographer? budding blogger...I only know that taking these photos makes me happy ...and really that's what matters. The fact that I like it. It makes me feel good to see something and capture its beauty. Even if it only is that way to me.

It truly is amazing what this new place is doing. It's helping me find me.

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